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SANTA MONICA PIER "On the wire."

I recently stumbled upon an essay I wrote for a local magazine regarding Malibu. How interesting to read something I wrote 3 years ago now. Thought I would share it again. How time flies.

that in the life of a photographer, I've hardly a hand on the rung of a very long ladder of future accomplishments, blurred by baby steps, failures, distractions and hills yet to climb and tumbled upon. But "the path" I walk today is my own. It’s amazing to think about how far I’ve come and what I’ve manifested in my life, all from a small seedling of an idea that was planted in my young mind almost 20 years ago as I gazed across a bookshelf and unknowingly opened that first fateful page... I can only hope that what I’ve created and still hope to create in this life inspires you to called Malibu and beyond, to protect it and perhaps, to my absolute delight, to seek out that special dance of light and dark on your own and to smile defiantly in the face of the beautiful and majestic natural world that is around you.

Regarding this image: I plan on changing the home photo to this website rather often as it’s a fairly simple process. This again is an HD video still from my Canon T3i camera mounted with a Sigma 24mm F2.4 lens which I almost never remove. The 24mm F2.4 on this crop sensor camera seems to give me the best balance of focal distance, image sharpness and depth of field for some great all around video documentary style footage, especially when run through Magic Bullet Looks or any other film like post software. I also use 2 Gopros which I’m not super crazy about for several reasons, the most significant being that the exposure setting and color is kind of hit or miss, especially during very dramatic moments of sunset and sunrise. Also the wide angle settings are a bit fishy to me and don’t exactly add to the wow and drama of moon footage. They do have their place however. What can I say, I’m a big fan of the T3i colors and overall video quality. To say nothing of that fact I’ve owned it for years and practically ran it through a washing machine and it’s never had a single hic up. I took this footage during an unplanned summer time-lapse

January 8th    2016





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