January 1    2016

The start of something new.

    Welcome to my new blog and website. The stars have finally aligned in just a way for me. I've dabbled my fingers in music and photography for about two decades or so and my hard drives are practically spilling out and over. Thought It might be best to release some of my work before it's too late.

    As much as I like tracking down dramatic light and placing myself in the path of earthly drama at all costs and as often as possible... I also enjoy telling a story. And today, in 2016, it seems the ability to tell a story and to paint a picture with words, images; video and audio is truly in the fingertips of the common man. Some may argue that it's always been there, OK, agree to disagree. My goal here is quite simply to document my quest for dramatic light year in and year out. I have no current desire to reinvent the photographic process or revolutionize cinema. For now I simply hope you find some inspiration and comfort in my words and travels from time to time.

   Above you'll find a link to all my blogs past, present and future starting today. For now I thought I would just sincerely say welcome. I'm not sure exactly where this is going, but it's going to be a fun ride I'm sure. I have lots of crazy ideas bottled up in my brain and with the first two serious decades or so of my artistic adventures behind me, I'm excited to finally present some of my work to date.

 For those of you who have been to the older Pachecolandscapes.com which was fully designed in adobe flash right about the time flash was basically being eliminated from tablets and smart phones all together, you'll find this new site works wonderfully on just about all devises. I've envisioned this site for many years now but couldn't seem to put the camera down long enough to build a working platform and bring it all together, until now I suppose. With the foundation in place, I hope to be filling it with lots of new content this year, so I sincerely hope you check back from time to time and look around.

Canon T3i , F2.4, HD Video Still

     Regarding this image; I regularly carry a Canon T3i Video camera with me on most of my landscape hunts and plant it in the ground on a Manfrotto mini tripod directly in the path of what I think might happen. Time permitting of course I do my best to break from the action and come back to it from time to time to make sure it's still recording while I'm at work and play. I've been doing this for years. This was a video still from that camera during an unplanned snowy hunt in the white mountains of California. I was admiring this particular fellow as he stands in the path of a rather stunning sunrise location on a cliff face overlooking the Great Basin of Nevada. I’ve been coming here for years.  It’s taken that long to really capture the kind of image I was after for this particular spot.





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