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Light Hunter - Journals #1 - Malibu Pier Sunrise

January 21st    2016

Light Hunter: Journal Entry #1
Date: January 06 2016
Location: Malibu Pier
Time: 7:06 am
    Description: Artist dialog after a very dramatic red sky sunrise at the iconic Malibu Pier in Malibu California. Miscellaneous topics include: Wide angle lens selection. Radar predictions. The Pinnacle Moment of a photograph. Getting the shot.

“I’ve been recording these personal dialog notes for years following most of my photographic adventures. These journal entries are unedited and unplanned and were never planned to be released. Please excuse the language at times. These are my own personal observations and ramblings regarding light and photography at particular moments in time, they are not considered fact and should not be treated as such. Quite frankly, some things I say are hit and miss and rather absurd, but I do seem to strike the nail head occasionally. I consider these notes simple stepping stones on my own personal journey as a photographer in the quest for the ultimate photograph. Thanks for listening; perhaps there is a hidden lesson to be learned from all these rambles. At the very least, it’s nice to share some of my trials and tribulations with other similar artists who may walk a common path. “ - mizzy pacheco